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To lead the way in building the lives of our present and future leaders from the inside out with empowerment & personal growth support services. To bridge our generational hearts into a holistic health and wellness empowerment cycle of transference, one community at a time!


To be the cornerstone & hub model provider of empowering the total man with community support services, resource tools & programs; creating an atmosphere, climate and culture of innovative holistic wisdom, knowledge and truth so people of all ages & groups can heal & be empowered from the inside out possessing dominion of their own destinies.


Community Purpose & Needs Assessment Overview

Society’s presenting problems in most areas of life all originate with the personal state of mankind which then affects every role and position that person is involved in, whether it be life thriving overall good & flourishing or just plain life sucking bad & barren.

For example in an article done by the award winning, “Beacon Health Options” They share this,

“Unexpressed—and expressed—anger impacts a person’s mental health. Studies have linked anger to loneliness, chronic anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleep disorders, obsessive-compulsive behavior and phobias. Anger’s harmful effects spill over into a person’s personal and professional lives, undermining a person’s capacity for emotional fulfillment and personal and professional achievement. In other words, anger can hold you back and keep you down”.

And when we think about the above statement, anger is only one toxic emotion and unresolved internal issue out of the multitude that dis-empowers us personally but then fervently moves into various areas of our lives damaging our marriages, families, communities & our social relationships as well as our finances and like the article states above our professional lives & society as a whole! Moreover, like various therapeutic & social service professionals have stated, “Hurting People Hurt People” & the cycle never seems to end!

Don’t we think it’s time that we begin to go to the Source/Root and reverse the cycle? Then it would be, “Healing/Healed Empowered People Heal People”!