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Posted on January 12, 2018 at 1:20 PM

Have you ever sat in the parking lot of a gas station and while attempting to get out to pump your gas, the smell of the fresh bread from the nearby bakery or bread store where they make sweet & savory pastries every morning begin to sink in and saturate your entire senses? All of a sudden images of your favorite doughnuts or crescent rolls begin to take over your mind and you forget about pumping gas! Oh the power of fresh, innovative and new!! It can, truly shift your attention and draw you in for the punch! Well I'm here to tell you the enemy has NO NEW TRICKS...NO FRESH NEW NOTHING! Please excuse the double negative but Stale & Old, the same oh same oh tactics is the name of his game. However, without the knowledge & active use of the Word of GOD, his strikes are death blows. Now the Word of GOD is alive & actively creative, fresh and innovatively new, Every Time It's Released. The Bible even reveals how his Mercies are New Every Single Morning.

So we have access through New Mercy to tap into HIS Word Freshly Baked every single morning in order to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH!!! The reason it's described as good is because of the Empowerment of the Essence of GOD'S Living Word as the Change ingredient within the fight working All things in Your Favor & For Your Good!!! And just as GOD'S Word is supernatural and unseen but very much tangible and powerful to get the job done so is Faith! Now this is not just any ole faith or what we know as human faith but this is... the GOD Kind of Faith. Faith that is founded on and flowing out of HIS Living Word. No matter big or small your faith (the GOD kind of faith) is within you, if exercised & worked can bring forth miraculous results that crush the enemy head every single time!!! Momma used t say, "if you can't stand the heat get out the kitchen"! So you and I have to just have to learn how to stand and withstand the heat in the fight!!

When I was in the 5th grade my parents divorced and what seemed to be a peaceful separation on the surface was profoundly the biggest internal and external life fight that would grow into many unforeseen battles and ultimately war for all members of my family; or was it the other way around? I don't know, but all I know is that although no one was being taught how to fight or being trained correctly & what sometimes seemed like never ending battles were on and popping scuffles & struggles that were spreading!!! I guess the way you know, you're in an all-out war is when you leave home where there is a fight and you go to school or work and you enter another great fight...bullying, picked on, rejection or constant stabs in the back not to mention to struggle to concentrate and learn.

There's a very interesting thing that happens in the expansion of our minds and hearts when we look take the time to read the definition of a word and do some personal research. Fight, Webster's dictionary defines it as to take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons. Ok weapons, it looks like folk are serious here!!! Weapons, really? I'm just a sweet little human being here, trying to live my life with purpose. What are you talking about physical blows & a violent struggle? Are you telling me that my Good Fight I've been called to has an all right out violent & struggling mechanism within it??? YES, YES, YES...the Bible says in Ephesians the 6th Chapter that the Word of GOD is our Sword of the SPIRIT. Now most people who enter a sword fight have some knowledge all the way up to great knowledge of the weapon and how to use the weapon in order to win. They also have a clear understanding if they are fighting an enemy versus in training with a partner there life is on the line.

Same with us!!! In order to fight the good fight of faith guys, it must be done with the fresh Word of GOD, the Change ingredient, which is the sword of the Spirit to kill your opponent & cut the head off for final enduring victory in every area of your life. Some fights turn into long fought out battles but if you keep yourself refreshed in the word daily your fight will be fresh & mind blowing!!! So let's learn & use all ways to get built up in HIS Word each & every day.

For More Practical Ways in Doing this or any other areas of spiritual and personal growth...Simply leave a comment or question by clicking the Comment Button above this blog post!!! We will respond with a wealth of resources!!! You can always go to Contact Page or inbox me on Facebook at Patricia Yvonne Cabiness Davis or Real Life Healed Life Support Services for Speaking Engagements or any other Service Questions.


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